About Us

Ocean Miracle was created in June 2003 by two friends and seafood experts. Over the first 15 years, Ocean Miracle grew to become one of the top seafood suppliers and distributors in the foodservice industry with customers across Toronto and the GTA by providing their customers with high quality fresh, frozen and live seafood products.

In 2018, Ocean Miracle became partners with Centennial Food Group and began to expand their product offering beyond seafood to include meat – such as chicken, pork, and beef, transforming into a center-of-the-plate protein specialist. Partnering Ocean Miracle’s fish & seafood expertise with Centennial’s longstanding experience in meat has allowed us to provide our customers with all of their protein needs.

This partnership also marked the relocation of Ocean Miracle into a new, state-of-the-art and federally inspected facility in Richmond Hill, Ontario. The facility has the capability to do in-house custom processing of both meat and seafood items, further meeting the unique demands of our various customers. We are excited to have launched our new online store in 2020 – to bring the same excellent quality products and high level of customers service direct to YOU!

In launching this online platform, not only are we able to provide meat and seafood, but we have also partnered with other brands across Canada – such as Belmont Burger’s, Diana’s Seafood, Yorkshire Valley Poultry, and Piller’s Fine Meats – to bring YOU a wide variety of items, right to your doorstep.

In partnership with Centennial Food Group, Ocean Miracle continues to strive to become the leader in protein distribution in Ontario and Canada-wide.