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Fresh/Live Grade A Geoduck Clam(please call for order) $114~135

Fresh/Live Grade A Geoduck Clam(please call for order) $114~135

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        Fresh/LIVE Grade A Geoduck Clam (2.5-3lb/pc)

 Available for weekend 

Please call for the price and details 



  • The geoduck siphon is covered with a tough skin ranging in color from light beige to brown. The flesh of a cleaned siphon is smooth and cream colored. The geoduck siphon meat has a sweet, fresh sea flavor and crunchy texture.
  • Cooking Tips: To prepare for use, cut the siphon from the body meat and split it in half lengthwise. Cut each piece into paper-thin slices. Serve raw as sashimi or cook quickly in a stir fry or hot pot. Cooking toughens the meat rapidly. A quick blanching in boiling water or sauce gives best results. Dried body meat is sometimes used as an ingredient in Chinese soups.
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