Hanging Tenderloin


    • Description: Individually pack , Boneless
    • Weight: ~0.8-1.8kg 
    • Condition: Frozen 
    • Sold by pc
    • Origin: Canada
    • Item Code#: 1099288

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Anne Chan
    Love this hanging tender

    Only those that knows how to trim and knows how to cook this piece of meat will like these hanging tender. They are not available in any supermarkets. Every time I will bought at least 2-4 packages and keep them at the freezer.

    After trimming for at least 20 pieces. I can quickly done them in 15mins with my miyabi knife. I like doing thin slices or butterfly slices for hotpot or Korean bbq. You can taste the sweetness. I don’t recommend to cook as steaks though because of its strong taste (these meat are closed to the organ, that’s why).

    Wendy Chiu
    Hanging tenderloin

    It’s very tender, I put kosher salt on the tenderloin (after trimming )a few hours before I start to cook. Just make sure you dry the steak with paper towel before you cook. Grilling is the best way to cook the steak.

    Genevieve Chan
    Review on Hanging tenderloin from Ocean Miracle

    The meat was too “bloody”, and lots of trimming work had to be done before the meat can be used for cooking.
    In actual fact, our last order for hanging tenderloin was years ago, and not last 14 fays as you mentioned.

    Serena Fung
    Top quality meet

    Very tender, juice