Frozen Japanese Hamachi (LOIN)


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    • Japanese Yellowtail. With the farmed Hamachi, they are given special feed so that their fat level can go up to as high as 30%. The taste is succulent, rich and buttery. 
    • A good slice of Hamachi should be at least 6mm to 1 cm thick in order to get the best mouth feel
    • Package (Size):1-2LB
    • Condition: FROZEN 
    • Sold by Pc (1pack)
    • Item Code#: 1117151
    • Main bone is removed, chance to have pin bone in blood line. 

    There's chance to find the Pin bone in blood line. Main bone is removed. It has Skin-on and Bone-in, we do not offer Skin-off, Bone out service 

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    Japanese Hamachi Fillet