Korean Shabu Shabu Package

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Korean Style Shabu Shabu!! (Hot Pot) 

Package includes: 
Fusion Cheese Rice Cake: 1bag(300g)  (KOR)
Lobster Ball Fish Cake: 1bag(500g) (MALAYSIA) 
Fish Cake (Assorted): 1bag(500g) (MALAYSIA)
Dumpling (Leek): 1bag(540g) (KOR)  
Noodle (SonKal Kuk Soo): 1bag(1kg) (KOR)
Black tiger shrimp 340g 
AAA Beef Plate Boneless Belly Cut 2mm: 1kg 
AAA Chuck Eye Roll Sliced Cut 2mm: 1kg    
Dried anchovy(dashi) isn't included, it's available on our website. 
- Use our Dried Anchovy (Dashi) to make clear soup base, add spoon of 
soy sauce or salt to seasoning a soup. 
- Enjoy all the items above, when almost done, add noodle to finish 
Portion: 6~8 people
All above items are frozen 
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