Fisherman's Hook - Family Pack E

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 Fisherman's Hook Family Pack E #1400005

  • Frozen Mackerel 200g Fillet x 4sides (Origin: ICELANDIC)
  • Frozen Spanish Mackerel 170-350g Fillet x 4sides (Origin: USA)
  • Frozen Rex Sole Whole 200-300g x 3pcs (Origin: CANADA)
  • Frozen Yellow Croaker Whole 200-300g x 2pcs (Origin: CHINA)
  • Frozen Squid Whole 300-400g x 2pcs (Origin: CHINA)
  • Frozen Ribbon Fish Portion 3~4pcs(560-600g) (Origin: CHINA)
  • 고뀜±ì€“´,쀚¼ì¹˜,ê°‚¬ìž�미,조기,오지¢ì€“´, 갈치        

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